The workshop of occasional outfit

Konstantynów Łódzki


P.S.O. „NADINE” has been present on the clothing market since 1993. Our focus is on manufacturing both women’s and young fashion products, working closely with such brands as: „LOREN”, „ORSAY” or „OTTO” catalogue.

Our Company boasts professional state-of-the-art equipment, starting from the computer-assisted production preparation system „INVEN TEX”, through extensive and highly versatile machinery, including, e.g.: four-thread „JUKI” overlocks, „JUKI” backstitching machines (automated), „KANSAI” and „JUKI” hemming and rendering machines with adjustable clearance (as required in the process)..

Also, we maintain a professionally equipped finishing department (pressing, quality control, and packing). Our professionalism is informed not only by our long-time experience in the tailoring industry and modern-day manufacturing tools, but primarily by adequately qualified team of clothing designers, seamstresses, and finishing plant workers.

All of those things guarantees both top quality and timely delivery of our services. We look forward to doing fruitful business with you, hope for your expressions of interest, and expect to hear from you.

Our offer includes mainly:

  • We make customized templates and patterns.
  • We provide jobbing services on comission (primarily knitted fabrics) both to domestic and foreign customers.
  • We provide comprehensive and professional quality control, pressing and packing services.
  • We ensure timely delivery and top quality of our services.


ul. Sucharskiego 1/3,
95-050 Konstantynów Łódzki

Phone +48 42 211 54 76

FAX +48 42 211 54 76